Well Done Kev!

Not all good deeds go unnoticed. I would personally like to thank one of our Senior Engineers Kevin Stokes for his great attitude towards site cleanliness. Currently working on one of our major projects, Kevin has been singled out for praise from the main contractor’s Site Manager…

Good house keeping MECHFS (002)

“over the years the lagging contractor has always been one of those contractors that leave a trail of mess around site and never own up to their rubbish, can all contractors take a leaf out of this guy and work in a clean and tidy environment, its good practice and a clean site is a happy site.

This puts our client and all of us at Denco in a very favourable light going forward and adds to our reputation as one of the foremost H&V insulation companies in the UK.

As a thank you, we are sending you a voucher to take your wife out for a nice meal on Denco.

Keep up the good work!

Peter Coles
Managing Director

Well Done Kev! was posted on Friday 9th February, 2018.

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